Sunday, March 4, 2012

Beach day in march

We have had amazing couple days of 80 degree plus weather. so we took full advantage and went to Newport beach today. It was beautiful and hot and perfect I think at one point I checked on my phone and it said it was 86 degrees :) the water was so cold it hurt to touch but it didn't stop the kids nor bill from going in :) we all had a blast and got a little to much sun :) got home showered and all 5 of us are in bed and it's only 8:30 :) I love days we get to spend all day together. I love our little famil!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thank God for the Bracelet!!!

We went to the OC Fair with my parents and brother Sunday night. The boys were so excited and had a list of things they couldn't wait to do and see. I love it when the boys get excited about stuff like this because we hear stories for days of how to win fish or how they can ride the bumpy slide all by themselves. of course Bill and I love the fair for all the horrible food that leaves us with tummy aches. anyways last year at the fair I bought both the boys a ID bracelet. you know the kind we all ordered from school when we were little. Bradyn has managed to take his off every time it goes on, but Titus has left his on all year. I actually forgot he had it.
Bill and my mom took the boys to the rides, while my dad brother and I found a place to sit so I could feed the baby. I love to sit and watch all the FREAKY weird people. My brother made a comment about how it would be so easy to loose the kids here. to which I swore no way Bradyn just freezes untill he can find us and as soon as were out of Titus sight he SCREAMS his normal bloody murder scream. We could never loose either one of them.
I kid you not like 10mins later my phone starts to ring, I normally NEVER answer numbers I dont know, but for some reason I pick it up to hear the voice of a young kid with broken english say
K- "Ummmm hi, I got your Titus"
Me- " you got my what?"
K- "do you got a son titus?"
Me- now standing looking around "where is he?"
K- "with me here at the booth"
Me- "WHAT booth?"
K- "the lost kid booth"
Me- "where is that?"
and from that point on I couldn't understand him so he finally got tired of my questions and came and found me LOL
just as I hang up the phone with the kid who is now looking for me, Bill calls me and my mom is calling my dad, I didnt get a chance to pick up the phone because the kid is calling me back unable to find me it was sort of a mess and seemed like forever till he did finally find me. he took me across the fair to this big white tent that said lost children across the top. and in it was my poor SAD child sitting between two cops who were trying to talk to him. (here is where I seriously wish I could have gr abed my phone or camera and took a picture) I made eye contact with Titus who jumped up on my lap and hugged me tight. I felt so bad for him this is my child who has been my leech since birth I knew he would be freaking out. then he looks up to me with his big puffy tear filled eyes and says " I was lost, daddy loss me" LOL Ill have to record Titus telling you about how daddy loss's him its pretty cute! my brother did snap this with his phone

but honestly I cant stress how THANKFUL I am a honest nice daddy (as ty says) found him and took him to the police. there are ALOT of crazy's at the fair and this night could have ended totally diff rent!!!!
I am also VERY thankful that he had that darn ugly bracelet on. I know he was at the lost child booth and we would have found him but this speed up that process, and he was only gone 10mins tops!

more fair pics to come soon....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

excuses, escuses!!

Hello Out there!!! I have two boys in time out for the 100000 time today and a little girl who is fast asleep still at 10:45 am... Thank goodness she likes to sleep because her brothers keep me SOOOOOOOOOOOO busy. my newest excuse for not blogging!!!
Since she was born my boys have been someone Else's naughty kids. Mine would NEVER do the things they have been doing. Everyone keeps telling me that they are acting out for one on one time... well let me tell you they both get more one on one time then they have ever gotten and still nothing. I know part of it is Titus is turning 3 and thats the fun crazy age for boys.... He is my one who leads and bradyn follows. dont get me wrong bradyn does he fair share of stuff but usually titus will start and Bradyn takes it to the next level. They love Judah tons and both fight over who gets to hold her first in the morning. only one time was one of their "games" involving her.
Judah was like 3 weeks old at the time, I had Laid her down to sleep in the pack n play next to my bed in my room and ran down stairs to get breakfast for myself at 11am. the boys were in their room once again in time out. I no sooner get my yogurt out of the fridge and grab a spoon I hear Judah crying. I was a little frustrated but think Im gonna hurry and eat this first then get her, but I hear the boys giggling so I run upstairs as they are RUNNING out of my room laughing. Judahs cry had turned to more of a scream and I get there scoop her up to find her ENTIRE head and face was covered in lanolin cream, you know that thick nipple butter. oh but they didnt stop there they had dumped out their piggy bank all over her so she had change stuck to her poor face and head too. I take her to the bathroom scooping this cream out of her eyes and turn on the warm water. I washed her three times with soap and couldn't get it all off. it was horrible!! The next day she broke out in acne all over and it lasted probably three weeks :(
I honestly dont know what they were thinking but they knew they were SO busted when mom started crying. and yes they got in big trouble when daddy got home!!
I have pictures of some of thier other stunts so ill make them seperate posts. needless to say these boys have kept me Sooo busy, tired & in tears alot of times!!
Thankgoodness Judah is such a happy go lucky kind of girl :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

She is here!!

Now that she is almost 8 weeks old I think its time to announce miss Judah Jewel is here at last! haha
short version
she was born April 28th @ 9:06pm weighting in at 8lb 1oz 20.5 inch long (sad thing I just had to look up her birth stats I should have done this long ago)

long version
two weeks before I was scheduled to be induced Bill found out our insurance was changing the day of the scheduled induction. our bill was going to be WAY more then the 250$ we had planned on paying the whole pregnancy. GREAT it was a BIG mess and stressed me out more then I knew. every time from that point on I would get to the drs just have my blood pressure be up. I was asking each time to please move my induction up just one day something anything. but my dr who is AMAZING by the way, kept saying the hospital wouldnt let him induce me before 39wks May 1st. so I was left to trying to induce myself and lots and lots of prayer. Lindsay came in April 26th and game was on baby was coming out no matter what!!! :) she went with me to the drs the morning of the 28th and my blood pressure was up again. my dr tells me he is sending me over to labor and delivery to be monitored and go from there. he said if it stayed up they would just induce now. I knew it would be down by the time I got across the street so I kept asking questions about saturdays scheduled induction and he was really aloof with me. I didnt think anything about it then but now I see he was planning on that day being baby day all along. Lindsay was like let me stress you out we have to keep your pressures up we laughed and she was like ok really what do you do every day before your apts that could raise your bp I was like uh I always drive through starbucks on the way, so she was like ok good lets get more coffee. haha so we had a few xtra shots thrown in my drink and off to the hospital we went. I got to the front desk and the nurse tells me hi your dr Grays patient for induction right? I looked at linds and gave her alook like do I correct her or just go along with it, I didnt have to answer another nurse comes out and says oh good your here your room is all set up. I just kept going along with it got changed and kept waiting for them to send me home when they realized I wasnt the right patient haha. the dr on call comes in and explains to me she talked to dr gray and its just time to get this baby out with my bp going up. she leaves and the nurse hooks me up to get a bp before starting me on antibiotics. of course it was 111/70 or something low I thought forsure they would be sending me home now. but nope the antibiotics were started and the nurse said in two hours (2pm) she would be in to start the pitocin. at this point I did ask the nurse now that my bp down your not sending me home?! haha they assured me this baby was coming out today. so I call bill and my parents to tell them what was happening. I told them not to rush because I still expected to be sent home haha. but 2pm rolls around and pitocin was started. I didnt really get into a contraction pattern for an hour or so and never had any pain. my room started to fill up with all my family and friends this was it Judah was coming!
about 4 my nurse comes in and tells me they had a scheduled c section at 5 so if I want my epidural I could either get it now or wait till he was out or surgery. of course I didnt want to risk any pain so he came in and gave me my epi then. at about 8 I got a new nurse and she checked me I was still at a 3.5 which was super disappointing to me why the heck was I going so slow this time?! at this time bill decides to head down to the cafeteria to get dinner and some fresh air. I told my mom watch this baby is coming n ow that bill left. with bradyn we had to send someone to find him. the nurse came back in about 8:45 to check on me and I was asking about my right leg being so numb I seriously was uncomfortable because it was so numb. she was updating my chart and I was like woah sorry guys I just farted at least I think I did. the nurse was like you farted or you have pressure down there. I was like no pressure just farted. we are all laughing about this and she goes I better check you this is number 3 I was like fine with me stretch me open while your at it. so as soon as she gets her hands in there she was like DONT move this baby is falling out of you.. I turned kinda panicked to my mom and was like get bill please. lindsay was already on the phone with him. thank goodness because he got in there just as they put my legs up and Judah slid out. I wouldnt have even know she was out if my family and friends weren't saying awww and freaking out with their cameras ;)
she was perfect of course :) I had a GREAT delivery and so thankful she came before May 1st!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

how to: Bow

alot of you have been asking how to make this bow that Judah is wearing in this picture so here is my attempt at a how to... sorry if it doesn't help LOL
Im not sure where credit needs to be given for this bow, I def didn't make it up so if its you Im sorry :) my girlfriend came over with a bunch of her boutique bows and we figured out (or she did and I copied) how to duplicate them.
This is the bow we are making you can make it with multiple colors or a single color.

(I cant figure out why this picture keeps turning sideways grr)
Im making this one kinda big but Im learning the bigger the better hah
so I start off taking two pieces of ribbons and cut them the same size Im cutting them 14 inches

then I hot glue the ends together to make a loop be careful to only overlap a little and the same amount on each loop

then fold each loop in half to find your middle (the glue part on the opposite)
put a little dab of glue over the glued edges and twist and glue the center part down to make a 8 shape

now cut 4 more pieces of ribbon two of each color if your using two different colors you want this piece to be a little bigger then the 8 shape on each side

then cut the ends off each of these to make them spikey?! I don't know what you call that

find the center of these and thread them on top of each other alternating colors and spread them out to where they are overlapping a little, and hot glue (using as LITTLE glue as possible) to just keep them in place.

now go back to your loops and layer them on top of each other
(you can use a little hot glue here but be sure to use a small amount because when you go to tie off the glue makes it VERY hard to fold)

I tie them together and then go back down through it and through the spikes

then I wrap the thread around them both to pull it tight, and tie off.

onces its tied off fluff it and get it to lay the way you want it to lay.
now cut two more pieces of ribbon I cut 8in to make sure I had enough to play with
lay them on top of the other and tie into a loose knot

I twist half the knot so one side looks pink and the other black

glue the knot in the center of the bow and wrap the rest around the back and glue it in place. and cut off the ends, or wrap it around your clip/headband and secure it in place

WAHLA you have a bow :) hope this helps!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We couldnt of planned it better!

(this picture is at Stacys shower she was 36wks Im 33wks)

I am SO blessed and excited that Stacy and I are both FINALLY pregnant together. Gods plans are always better then our own huh? we couldn't have really planned this better, well other then me being due first LOL ;)
When we were little girls like 3 grade maybe we would talk about having baby girls together you know the talk all little girls have with their best friends, were we buy houses next door to each other and raise our kids together?! :) well she doesn't live next door to me but she is still one of my VERY best friends and God heard our cry.
Stacy and her husband Adrian had a little more difficult time getting pregnant so this time last year we had a little chat and I told her if she wasn't pregnant by the end of July(we were planning on ttc in Aug) I was making her a fertility apt because this was my last pregnancy and she HAD To share it with me!!!!!! well July 31st I get a phone call from stacy who asks if we were still planning on trying to get pregnant that next month. I told her of course and asked if she had made her apt yet or if I had to do it for her?! her response was I don't need to make one I'M PREGNANT!!!!! I think I screamed and cried and was just so shocked!!! I remember asking her to come over right away because I had to rub that baby belly! lol she couldn't she had to go to her parents house to share the news. but I tell you what I got off that phone and looked and bill with a grin that didn't leave my face for days and told him no pressure but we HAVE to get pregnant on the first try LOL. God heard me again and I was pregnant just a few short weeks later. Stacy was/is due April 9th and Im offically due May 8th (she is coming May 1st) and to just seal in this deal were both pregnant with little girls!!! :) I cant wait for these girls to get here and both wear the same silly outfits and have lots of pictures taken!! I hope they grow up to be best friends just like her mommy and I. a little side note Stacy is 2 weeks older then I am so now Miss Kaela is going to be a few weeks older then miss Judah!! :) You think they will keep the tradition when they are oldeR? lol :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Judah in 3D

We went for our 3D ultrasound on Saturday and little miss was confirmed YET agian all girl, I dont get why Im having such a hard time believeing it! she was very stubborn and hid most of her face the whole time, we did get a couple profile pictures which of course were cute! I dont think she looks like her brothers 3d ultrasounds at all, but ill include theres for you to decied :) only 44 days till she is going to be here!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy 1/2 birthday Titus!!!

Yep its that time agian my Titus is 2.5 today!!!! He has grown up SO much the last few months, both Bill and I often find our selfs talking about how grown up he suddenly is. a few months back he decided he was done with diapers, I tried to encourage him to use them LOL (yes mom wasnt ready to potty train him) but he says he is a big boy, so we started he got the pee down that first day poop well thats been another story. he finally has it and when he isnt to busy playing or just being lazy he doesnt have any accidents (I think we have had one this week) He even wakes up in the Am totally dry!!! :) now to learn to wipe your own but kiddo!!!
He is talking NON stop about everything, just last night we were driving home from Papa's house and he points to a star and says "wow mom look at that cool star" :) He LOVES all things sports esp skateboarding and hockey these days. mom of the year award last week we were in Dicks sporting goods, and I was looking at something while Ty was busy finding a skateboard and a ramp he did find a helmet first but he decided to take the skateboard down the ramp... ya the kid ate it and I didnt even know it untill the store employee walked over and told him sorry buddy we dont ride skateboards inside LOL opps!!!! Titus tells me daily how for his birthday he wants a REAL motorcycle lol he is so boy through and through its hilarious!!!!
Titus really loves Bradyn and trys to copy everything Bradyn is doing and or saying. probly why he is already intrested in the potty. they play really well together these days!!! He knows he is going to be a big brother soon, and Im not sure he is that excited about it, he does talk to his sister daily through my belly button and some days even sings and plays guitar for her, but other days he will be laying on her and she will kick him and he KICKS her back LOL. Im sure he will be an AWESOME big brother once she is here!
Titus boy please stop growing so fast mommy wants to enjoy you being my baby just a little while longer!!! Happy HALF birthday my tank man!!!!!
3-11-08 my baby boy :)

3-11-09 look how little he was still

3-11-10 He looks so grown up today!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

tired of being tired

So yes here I am yet again after a long laps in time. Im sure all of you were truly worried I would ever return?! ;) truth be told this pregnancy has taken everything out of me! I have never been this tired and driveless (is that a word?!) in my entire life. growing a girl is HARD work I guess.....
Im a night person by nature. before I got knocked up, most nights I could be found till the wee hours on the morning messing around in my craft room with my sewing machine, glue guns, trying to embroider, surfing the web spying on all of you. or just sitting having ME time which all of us moms know is needed ever so often ;)
since I dont know October my new bedtime has been 9pm and I sleep until my boys come in to wake me. which alot of times I roll over turn on the tv and go back to bed until their poor hungry tummy's cant take their mom being lazy for one more minute and they attack forcing me out of bed. I keep waiting for that little bit of second wind to kick in or how about the nesting please?! but Im well on my way in the third trimester and it never showed up for the second one, so why would it show up now?!
Poor miss Judah (who by the way has been confirmed a few times now as a girl) doesn't have a single thing made by her mama for her. I keep saying tomorrow is the day I will make her a blanket or some burp cloths. but tomorrow never comes. sigh so to say the least the though of blogging (which I do think about often) is always great untill I sit down and begin to feel so very lazy and unmotivated ;) I just keep praying that I get my energy and drive back when she arrives. I miss my craft room, I miss all of the blogs I stalked. I just miss some me lazy time.
Please forgive my absence I will be back in just a few short weeks EEKKKK Judah is scheduled to come in just 63 days so much to be done and so little drive.....

Friday, December 25, 2009

first and for most MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this time a year and now that my kids are at the age they totally get santa it has been awesome getting ready for this morning. My kids obviously forgot santa came last night because here I sit (with a free minute might I add) and my kids are snoozing away. I have tried to be loud but it just hasn't worked. I cant wait for them to get up!!!!!!!

Secondly yes I know im a HORRIBLE blogger. I think about blogging all the time especially if Im out doing something fun with the kids or one of the boys did something hilarious. yet I just cant seem to find the time. This pregnancy I have been first trimester tired the whole time. Im a night owl normally but the last 5 months I have been in bed every night by 9ish which really hurts me getting MY stuff done after the boys go to bed. I hope you haven't all given up on me yet ;)

Thirdly we found out the middle of November we are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didnt believe it and we tried to keep it a secret till it was confirmed at a later ultrasound that would have been more accurate. well it was Confirmed again on December 11th we are in deed having a little girl. I still look at the "girl" ultrasound pictures and dont believe it really is our daughter but Im definitely getting more and more excited and accepting our dreams are coming true!! :) her name is Judah Jewel! I know alot of you will read that and go say what? isnt Judah a boy name? and all I can say to that is Yes it is a boy name but when I was younger I fell in love with Judah Jewel for a girl and when Bill and I got married I told him if and when we ever have a daughter this will be her name LOL so he basically has had no choice. But I bet if you asked him now it has definitely grown on him and He couldn't picture our daughter with any other name. Im very excited to get started on her nursery right after today and all the holiday excitement goes away! :)

Fourthly my entire family (even bill got to come this time) loaded up in our cars thanksgiving day and headed out to CO, stopping in ST George the first night (sorry Lindsay I totally would have called if it wasn't a holiday and I knew your whole family was in town, oh and I didnt have your number LOL) then right on through to Denver the next day it was ALOT of driving and the Kids did AMAZING they were who I was totally worried about. anyways we made this crazy drive because FINALLY Lindsay was coming home from Iraq and we wanted to be there when her flight touched down on US soil. it was such an AWESOME time and Im so blessed to have been able to be there for it. I sure missed Lindsay and am just glad she is home safe and sound for now. We all stayed a few days and spent some time annoying Lindsay before we headed home this time going through the grand canyon. Lindsay just got home to CA this week for christmas but sadly has to go back to CO right after the first of the year. We are having a Open house party thing on Jan 2nd for anyone who is in the area and wants to come by... just email me for the info.
Well I seriously am getting more and more anxious I think its time to go wake my kids up?! I will HOPEFULLY be back sooner this time with updates and possibly with pictures from today?! lol I pray you all have a BLESSED christmas and a amazing 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!